Somato-Spiral Release Technique(SSRT) ‘Energetic & Psychological Self Defense Practices to Protect Yourself From Others’ Negative Energy’.


with Joginder Singh/Dr Barry J Goodman, D.C., B.S.E., A.A.S., 31 Years Clinical and Private Practice
Saturday, March 2, 2019
1:30pm – 5:30pm

90 minutes Class, 2.5 hours Stroke work Practice and Protocols.

This program teaches the practitioner, from an experiential learning paradigm, to use meditation and yoga exercises to clear yourself of the negative energies that circulate as a result of helping your clients de-stress, relax, release and renew.

These exercises can quickly be done between clients, so that the practitioner does not accumulate clients’ stress over the day, week, month or years of continuous care of others’. The 4 R’s of Energetic and Psychic Self Defense are The 4 R’s of Energetic and Psychic Self Defense are presented as theory, and integrated as a practice. In addition, and primarily, we learn and review hands-on for 2.5 + hours the continued learning of Somato-Spiral Release Technique(SSRT) and continue to make refinements in the physical muscle memory of this new skill and teach protocols for specific conditions of the Neuromuscular system. There will be 3 Instructors.

Register Online $150.00 – Early Registration $99.00 through 02/15/2019. Workshop is limited to 30 persons