Somato-Spiral Release Technique(SSRT) ‘Energetic Holographic: What the Healer Mindfully Practices While In Practice


with Joginder Singh/Dr Barry J Goodman, D.C., B.S.E., A.A.S., 31 Years Clinical and Private Practice
Saturday, March 16, 2019
1:30pm – 5:30pm

60 minutes Class. 3 hours Stroke work Practice and Protocols.

Energetic Holographic is a Workshop created by Dr. Goodman to expand the teachings to teach the practitioner to learn what the meditative mind of the practitioner does during this practice. This practice is done with eyes closed 80% of time and visualization of energy fields, and circulating energy currents, Chakras, the 10 Bodies of Light Consciousness are introduced to the practitioner. Should you be a scientifically based practitioner this study will intrigue you as Dr. Goodman is science and energy based, as a practitioner of Energy Healing for 24 years as a Reiki 3 Personal Mastery, and as a Teachers Assistant to a prominent Reiki Master for 10 years.

In addition, and primarily, we learn and review hands-on for 2.5 + hours the continued learning of Somato-Spiral Release Technique(SSRT) and continue to make refinements in the physical muscle memory of this new skill and teach protocols for specific conditions of the Neuromuscular system. There will be 3 Instructors.

Register Online $150.00 – Early Registration $99.00 through 03/04/2019. Workshop is limited to 30 persons