Healing the Heart with Kundalini Yoga


With Donna Amrita Davidge
Sunday, February 10, 2018
1:30pm – 4:00pm

“This world is the greatest test of the mankind and one can only pass if he lives in his heart center. ” Yogi Bhajan

Come practice Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations specifically for healing the heart center in this month of the valentine.

“Love is the most secure place in an individual. It is very secure, very deep, very curative healing. It has no pain. It’s not limited. The highest state of security of an individual is when a person is in the state of love. It is a consciousness which can penetrate through anything for that thing and nothing can penetrate it.” Yogi Bhajan

Register online  $40 pre-registered.  Pre-registration closes Saturday, February 9, 2019.  All are $50 the day of Sunday, February 10, 2019.

Donna Amrita Davidge has been teaching Kundalini since the mid 1980’s and is happy to return to Kundalini Yoga East, where she was one of the original teachers.   Her teaching has branched out to her own retreat center in Maine www.sewallhouse.com as well as other forms of yoga.  Her original love is Kundalini Yoga as Yogi Bhajan changed her life with his teachings.  She is grateful to have studied at the feet of the master.